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[15 Jul 2009|01:53pm]

This just landed in my hands & sounds like Miss Holly Brook!


Check it out... Thoughts?
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Music For Relief [12 Jul 2009|11:55pm]

MUSIC FOR RELIEF is a grassroots effort comprised of musicians, music industry professionals and fans who believe that together we can create positive change. Established in 2005 to provide aid for those affected by the tsunami tragedy in South Asia, the idea for MUSIC FOR RELIEF originated amongst the members of the band Linkin Park who wanted to do something to help the victims. The idea was that if they made a donation, and then asked their musician peers and their fans to make a donation as well, a huge impact could be made in assisting relief efforts. With this in mind they started reaching out to others in the music community to get involved and became the founders of MUSIC FOR RELIEF. Our Mission is to respond to natural disasters and help victims recover and rebuild with an emphasis on housing, education programs and resources. MUSIC FOR RELIEF also recognizes the environmental consequences of global warming, which has demonstrated the capability to accelerate and strengthen certain types of natural disasters. Therefore the second goal of MUSIC FOR RELIEF is to prevent and decrease future natural disasters by reducing greenhouse gasses, seeking renewable forms of energy and educating the public about climate change.

The great news is, now you can do something to get involved. Music For Relief has a swagbucks now. You use it as your search engine, and part of the proceeds you earn just by searching the web go to victims of tragedies being helped by Music For Relief.
Just click the following banner to sign up. It's absolutely free, and you'll be earning bucks to cash in for awesome prizes from your favorite bands - and helping those in need at the same time.

Search & Win

Every search is a chance to win exclusive prizes from your favorite musicians and celebrities. A portion of proceeds from SearchMFR.com will benefit Music for Relief and their mission to provide aid to victims of natural disasters.

After you've signed up(by clicking the banner above), just click or paste the following link in your web browser and begin using it as your homepage/search engine.

And if you're not interested in MFR, but you're intriguided by the idea of swagbucks, you can
Click the banner below to sign up for the main Swag Bucks, after which you will be able to join many other bands Swagbucks to earn cash to trade in for merchandise in the store (they even have an Incubus one, which you can access through the main page or the blog.

Search & Win
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Pics of Fort Minor [28 May 2009|07:35am]

Hi everyone,

I've launched my photography website since few weeks now. Lately, I'm uploading some old pics of mine taken years ago while I wasn't working as official photographer. I've found some pics of Fort Minor taken back in 2005 at Paris for Rock en Seine, and 2006 at Chicago for the North American tour.

Enjoy and Take 5 seconds to leave some feedback --> www.ythevenonphotography.com

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Holly Brook Email List RELAUNCHED! [20 Jan 2009|04:01pm]

Hi Everyone -

Holly is no longer with Machine Shop Recordings and is now working independently on her new album "O DARK THIRTY" which will be released this year. During the process of leaving the MSR she lost ALL of her email list! If you would like to receive updates from Holly and her team regarding the upcoming album, please join her new email list!

Click to activate the form:


THANK YOU and please spread the word!

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Mike artwork icons... [10 May 2007|01:37am]


15 icons made from Mike's art, including 'The Rising Tide' cover. Post also includes The Office and Linkin Park.

[09 Mar 2007|10:28pm]

I just have a quick question about the fort minor militia, i really want to join but i was just curious how often is it updated? i dont want to join then have it never really have new content. thanks in advance!
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RTN contest. [21 Oct 2006|12:59pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]


Calling all athletes, sports fans, and talented people! What will make the world REMEMBER YOUR NAME? Enter the Fort Minor / Fuse "Highlight Reel" Video contest. If you've got a huge dunk, grand slam, skate trick, martial arts knockout or other spectacular sports / action moment caught on tape, submit it. The winners will all be included in a Fort Minor video for the song "Remember The Name." Simply host your video online, and submit the direct URL of where your video is located. The deadline to submit your video is Sunday, November 5th at 11:59pm PST.

Mike Shinoda will select his favorites from all finalist video clips! (Finalists to be selected by representatives of Machine Shop Recordings.) The winning video clips will be edited into the final Fort Minor / Fuse Remember The Name ..Highlight Reel.. Video, and the NAMES OF THE ATHLETES WILL APPEAR ON THE SCREEN!
Fuse.tv will stream the final "Highlight Reel" of winning video clips on Monday November 20th. The "Highlight Reel" Video will also be available at Fortminor.com including a list of the contest winners.. names following the premiere.

Is any one else totally WTFing at this :-\?
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Fort Minor wins VMA. [01 Sep 2006|02:29am]

Fort Minor won the MTV VMA for Best Ringtone of the Year and Mike Shinoda was there to accept. He had quite the list of people to thank. =P

You can watch it on MTV Overdrive for now. I'm sure a rip will make its way into circulation sometime in the near future.

(p.s. i just need to brag about the fact that i was actually there at the vma's tonight and i kind of died when i saw him get up to accept. i had no idea he was there and was very much not expecting that. it made my night that much better. :D)
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Fort Minor "Where'd You Go" music video remake... [25 Jul 2006|06:28pm]

One of my best friends DAVID LY submitted a music video to MTV for a contest to remake Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go" video.

PLEASE WATCH AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE HERE: http://www.mtv.com/music/html/contests/fort_minor/

I hope you like his!!
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Where'd You Go voting on VH1 [17 May 2006|12:27am]


Vote here

( Drag the song name box onto the grid and click submit )

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Mike and Holly! [01 May 2006|12:24pm]

Mike Shinoda of Fort Minor and Holly Brook are appearing on MTV's TRL today, Monday May 1st, for a LIVE performance of the single Where'd You Go! Tune into TRL today at 3:30pm ET/PT to see Mike and Holly live. Be sure to vote for Fort Minor's Where'd You Go now and get it back to #1 on the TRL countdown.



Stay tuned to see more of Mike Shinoda and Holly Brook tonight, Monday May 1st! Mike and Holly will be appearing on Daily Download on Fuse. Be sure to watch the show, airing at 5pm ET.

Mike and Holly will also be on the air with Romeo on Z100 in New York, at 8pm ET. You can listen live to Z100 here, so tune in tonight to hear what Mike and Holly have to say.
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? [21 Apr 2006|03:37pm]
100 Degrees
Bloc Party
Spraypaint & Ink Pens

Where can I download these or can someone email me the files...??
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[20 Apr 2006|11:28am]

Congratulations to Fort Minor and Holly Brook, "Where'd You Go" bulleted into the Billboard Top 50 this week with a +41 spot jump, continue to vote on TRL and radio!
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[19 Apr 2006|01:35am]

Where'd You Go Video:

please vote
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[21 Mar 2006|04:26pm]

Anyone ever do anything interesting with Fort Minor songs? Make a music video? Anime music video? Use them in some sort of school/college project, quote lyrics in homework, etc?

Well, I guess I may be the lone humongous nerd, or I'm really creative. But the second I heard "Petrified", my mind began wandering into dance mode. I am a beginner in Middle Eastern Dance, or Bellydancing. I've been playing the Zills, or finger symbols, as well as dancing for coming up on about a year(started dancing last August, Zills in January).

Anyhow, I am performing my first solo to "Petrified" on April 1st. It includes dancing and playing the zills, which I'll tell you isn't exactly easy to combine, but its coming along. I was just curious if anyone else had done something cool with any Fort Minor stuff?

On a somewhat related sidenote, my friend and I are doing a duet that same night to "Cure for the Itch" by Linkin Park. I wonder how the dance community will take to all this "alternative" music?
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[17 Mar 2006|10:47am]

Holly Brook is featured in this new music video for Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go”, premiering now exclusively on Yahoo! Check out Holly, Mike Shinoda, and Jonah Matranga in this brand new video and be sure to rate it 4 STARS. Leave your comments for Holly on her first music video performance on her official messageboards. For behind the scenes footage and interviews from the video shoot, watch clips of "The Making of Where’d You Go" on Fort Minor’s MySpace page and view photos from the set on FortMinor.com. You can also visit the Ringtone Store to download "Where'd You Go" as your cell phone ringtone.

Holly has new shows in California confirmed for THIS WEEK, opening for Beautiful Girls and Mishka! Holly will be performing solo material from her upcoming album. Check out Holly’s solo tracks What I Wouldn’t Give, Heavy, and Curious, as well as her collaboration on Fort Minor’s Where’d You Go, now on Holly’s MySpace page. Support Holly Brook on these California tour dates and see her perform LIVE!

Saturday, March 18 *new show
Winstons, San Diego, CA
Time: 9:15pm. 21+ only.

Monday, March 20 *new show
Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
Time: 9:00pm. 21+ only.

Tuesday, March 21 *new show
SoHo, Santa Barbara, CA
Time: 8:00pm. 21+ only.

Thursday, March 23
Monterey Live, Monterey, CA
Time: 9:30pm. 21+ only.

Friday, March 24
Tangier, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 8:00pm. 21+ only.

Holly recently did an interview and performed two songs live for MVYRadio @ SXSW 2006. Check out the news section for Wednesday, March 15 @ 5pm for a photo of Holly at the radio station. Her interview and performances will soon go live on the website so keep checking back at http://mvyradio.com!

A review for Holly’s upcoming album Like Blood Like Honey is in the April/May 2006 issue for Justine magazine. Read it now and be sure to get your own copy of the album on June 6, 2006!
Click To Enlarge

Justin Magazine

Holly’s official street team, the Holly Brook SkyTeam, is now open. Help to promote Holly’s music and tour dates online by joining the SkyTeam now! Once you’re an online member, you can also apply to be an offline SkyTeam Rep, where you may receive promo materials such as Holly posters and bookmarks to distribute in tour locations.
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[08 Mar 2006|05:00pm]

Fort Minor Concert Photos from The Arena in Brisbane, March 3. (most of them are of Mike)

PicturesCollapse )
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[01 Mar 2006|02:33am]

Oh I had a blast @ Fort Minor's concert here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Managed to get Mike to sign my mobile and the tickets haha. <3 Mike Shinoda !

I'm so tired now. Uploading some of the pictures. A bit blurry .. sorry

Image hosting by Photobucket

<3 Mike !Collapse )
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In Stereo, on CSI:NY! [26 Feb 2006|11:53am]

CSI:NY - In Stereo -Fort Minor
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[23 Feb 2006|03:26pm]


Where'd You Go courtesy of LPZion
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