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fort_minor's Journal

Fort Minor
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Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda was not playing when he said he would be putting down a solo effort. With Jay-Z tabbed as executive producer of Shinoda’s solo project Fort Minor’s Rising Tied, what else would you expect?

With a lineup that includes Common, Black Thought, John Legend and Styles of Beyond, Shinoda looks to blow people away with his debut project.

“There's a lot of dynamics in the record, and that's why the name Fort Minor works so well,” Shinoda told MTV about the name of his project. “‘Fort’ [is] something that's heavy and militant. ‘Minor’ [is] taken one of two ways: either meaning small or meaning ... between the two basic chords in music theory, you've got major or minor, and minor is described as the darker, sadder chord. The album is about the dynamic when you put all those things together. You've got that spectrum."

The 14-track effort, currently being completed in Los Angeles, pairs this lyrical diversity with innovative instrumentation. "I wanted to make sure this album has a unique identity," explains Shinoda. "Part of that identity is an organic sound — less keyboard, more instruments." To that end, Shinoda wrote and played virtually every note on the album, giving it a thick, rhythmic sound that's been driving the music from day one.

The album titled "The Rising Tied" is set for a late summer 2005 release on Machine Shop Recordings/Warner Bros. Records

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